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Aug 14, 2014
Nov 23, 2012
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Aug 14, 2014
    1. Deception
    2. Deception
    3. KingKyd
      I'd just like to say that I appreciate you doing something about the TBDs as well as adding another weapon and fixing Thunderstorm, and the rest of the things you've done. While I know it's not everything we've asked for, it's a start, so I will be spreading the word around to friends for you.

      All we ask for is a bit of solidarity and balance, Mr. Champ. Thank you, once again.
    4. GhostKing1239
      Question. Will tournaments include all members around the global? Or will it just be forum members or deluxe members?
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    5. smallworldzz
      in game mods? anytime soon?
    6. Help Me
      Help Me
      please get in contact with touchdownjesus. check your messages please.
      1. cacadun
        you think he doesnt have anything better to do?
        Aug 12, 2014
      2. Help Me
        Help Me
        apparently you don't. i am just trying to get in contact with him. he is difficult to contact. mind your business
        Aug 12, 2014
    7. ZeffyteThrowAway
      Please respond, if you cant transfer over stats from my account then I guess my SSL2 career is over, thanks.
      1. RumzMumzMario
        There is no 'legitimate' way to transfer accounts from sites to site. It's impossible, from my experiences.
        Jul 31, 2014
    8. ZeffyteThrowAway
      Shellshocklive2 Username: Zeffyte (KONG)

      Hello Kchamp,
      I'm banned from kongregate, is there anyway for you to transfer my account over to shellshocklive2.com?
      Please get back to me. Ive bought all the weapon packs and all that so I am confident you will take care of you players.
      (I literally just bought the new weapon pack and can't use it)
    9. smallworldzz
      oh kchamp , if your gonna leave us again like that, you might want to make someone with the ability to de-mod mods
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      2. smallworldzz
        (you remember ... , the tap water incident....)
        Jul 25, 2014
      3. smallworldzz
        (incase it happens again)
        Jul 25, 2014
      4. Google567
        I agree.
        Jul 27, 2014
    10. moh
      1. Google567
        Says not shared;)
        Jul 23, 2014
      2. moh
        Jul 27, 2014
    11. arvidh
      I see you're online now, and my settings ingame were nullified, sound and music on. Made me think of an update, haven't noticed anything yet though :b Or was it just minor bugfixes?
    12. newcastle529
      Are new weapon or other stuff coming up soon??Because you are now in here.
    13. Mr Anonymous
    14. Dot The i
    15. Death Slayer
      Death Slayer
      Update the game man, whatcha' doin ?
    16. Mr Anonymous
      Mr Anonymous
      kChamp was last seen: A month ago :|
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      2. Google567
        A month for MP pretty much. :(
        Jul 4, 2014
      3. Mr Anonymous
        Mr Anonymous
        kChamp was last seen: 6 weeks ago :/
        Jul 11, 2014
      4. F1r3tar
        Jul 14, 2014
    17. F1r3tar
      Please update the forums to Xenforo 1.3. There's some really cool features like the spoiler tag.
    18. Tap Water
    19. Z A I N
      Z A I N
      Dear kChamp ,

      I would be very glad if you going to fix my problems or even there problems too .

      here below read them and note in to-do list to have step by step work and should end these bugs since last year we were waiting for getting fixed until now ,

      1- Friend currently unavailable and stuck ONline around 24-36 hrs and he's/she's not online at that time .

      2-movement bug and really not moved .
      1. Z A I N
        Z A I N
        3- x2 bug hitting close around it and didn't getting it .

        4- double splitter / super splitter glitched when fired closer from any terrain .

        5-flat map glitch for the 1st turn when using multi-nade / tri-nade etc. it going hit completely and sometimes not , but isn't fair .

        6-sunburst glitch taking 30-180 secs .

        7- bounder work with correct angle but for normal shot it won't hit the nearest red tank .
        Jun 9, 2014
      2. Z A I N
        Z A I N
        7- bounder work with correct angle but for normal shot it won't hit the nearest red tank .

        and also i forgot the wishlist hope it happen and might be more happy :

        1- friendlist should be unlimited and provide some functions like online / offline / away modes , offline message delivering , date and time for chatting in lobby / friendlist and room.

        2-new map packs for FFA and Team

        3-new tanks
        Jun 9, 2014
      3. Z A I N
        Z A I N
        4-crates should be useful items together with useful wep like for eg : 20 armor , supplies , sniper and +50 fuel / coins / upg. token

        5-providing bandlist option and automatically ban entry for those banned and unable getting in.

        Ended ....

        Thanks for this good game :) & hope you going to make the game more enjoyable with the new series and looks

        We all loves you kChamp !

        Z A I N
        gg !

        Best wishes & regards <3
        Jun 9, 2014
    20. SaMaN
      Hi Kyle

      A friend of mine ( Dominance ) bought me coins from Canada , as he told me he bought me coins last week and his money was deducted from his account but coins were not added.
      but today he bought me coins and they were added , I would like to know if he gets his money back ? or how does it work ...
      My user is : S a M a N
      PLs let me know .
      1. xXxTnTxXx and jgalloway64 like this.
      2. SaMaN
        Hi Kyle , Any feedbacks ?
        Jun 16, 2014
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