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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shesiressu, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Agent60

    Agent60 The End (15)

    But the radius would have to be decreased by more than half, same goes for damage. It wouldn't be Nukes falling down, it'll be...something else. Like EE Bomb.
  2. Mark103

    Mark103 Legend (9)

    Explosive Crossbow
    Direct Hit: 50/75/100/125/150
    Explosive damage if not direct hit: 31/42/53/64/75
    Damage caused by flame pellets: 1/1/2/2/3
    Shoots an arrrow set on fire that also drops a few flame pellets in mid-air. When it hits the ground or a tank, it stays there for about 2 seconds (no bouncing) then explodes with a hoverball-sized explosion.
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  3. Towel

    Towel I'm not really a staff member Staff Member

    For the "about 2 seconds" it stays still, fire should be sparking from it. I think that would be cool.
  4. Agent60

    Agent60 The End (15)

    How many flame pellets are there? And how much will they burn? 3 times each? 5?
  5. Towel

    Towel I'm not really a staff member Staff Member

    Would expect it's like magic shower and seagull. The amount of times it burns should be set to 4 in my opinion.
  6. banna

    banna The End (15)

    Homing Missile
    Damage : (80/88/96/104/112)
    Description : it will be like proximity shot but doesn't have to be close like proximity shoot to hit
    Damage radius : like massive shot
  7. Doomsday

    Doomsday Slammer (3)


    Damage: (40/45/50/55/60)

    Description: The fuse is already lit and it can only be in the air for a certain amount of time before it detonates. (There should be an animation to tell you when it is about to explode. A nice sizzling effect would be cool too.)

    Damage Radius: The same size, slightly larger, or smaller than a massive shot.
  8. Doomsday

    Doomsday Slammer (3)

    Trash Bag

    Damage: Trash Bag (41/42/43/44/45)
    Trash (6/7/8/9/10)

    Description: You basically hurl a trash bag at the opponent. In the air, the trash bag loses pieces of trash (banana peels, rotten apple cores, plastic water bottles, soda cans, etc...) in random directions and at different times. The color of the trash bag should be green or black.

    Damage Radius: About the size of a grenade
  9. CHEESE1

    CHEESE1 Prodigy (12)

    This might have been discussed already, but how about weps called Omega Weapons? A few could be: Armageddon, Ion, Black Hole, etc. They could be available to level 50s only, or you could pay a Tank Coin or two to get one early... not unlike the Item system. They could also possibly have a significanlty different animation, like Nuke, but something in the background.

    30-40 Dmg per asteroid, 15-25 for lightning, 2-5 for fire. Also has a normal EQ thrown in. Possibly stronger if in a 2v2, or 1v1.
    Basically a stronger 2012, with 2 asteroids spawning above each enemy, fire falling in a pattern similar to helicopter strike above enemies, and a lightning strike close to each enemy.
    It, like all other Omega Weapons, could either be a contact-explosion, like Shot, bounces, like Grenade, or auto hit, like EQ.

    Black Hole:
    8 Dmg per second at center of explosion, central explosion lasts for 8 seconds. Has spiraling 'arms' that extend from center, with 5 Dmg per second on contact. Area of Ghost Bomb.
    7 Dmg per asteroid, 5 Dmg per star. These would be smaller than normal.
    Could have space debris hurtling towards center explosion, like stars from Starfire, or asteroids from Asteroid Storm.

    15 Dmg per second on contact with beam.
    Incredibly powerful Satellite, with 3 beams that converge and disperse from central point. Lasts 8 seconds.
    May have extra effect, such as very heavy terrain destruction, or creates a section of land that damages all tanks in range for 10 points each turn.

    These are probably too OP, but let me know. I have many more ideas for weps like these, and normal ones for wep packs.
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  10. jensj

    jensj Razor Edge (1)

    1) you shoot it and it will react 100% normally
    2) when it hits the ground (1/2/3/3/3 dmg if you hit a tank, sniper-size explosion), it goes up like the normal slammer
    3) after reaching its highest point, it goes down like the normal slammer
    4) when it hits the ground, it bounces on the ground like a bounsplode (4/5/6/6/6 damamge, grenade-sized explosion)
    5) after reaching its highest point, it goes down like a slammer (very likely with horizontal movement, like a normal slammer with wind)
    at level 1-3, it can bounce 4 times, at level 4-5 it can bounce 6 times. A bounce counts as a bounce if it continues movement based on the speed and direction of the incoming bullet and the slope of the terrain (so the first and last hit don't count as bounce)
    6) on its last bounce it goes down extra fast (higher level=even faster) dealing 10/12/14/18/20 damage (slightly larger explosion)
    7) after the last bounce it bounces away and goes down like a normal shot (2/2/2/2/3 damage)
    Now you might think, what does level 5 really add? 2 damage in the final explosion? A level 5 bounslammer releases 3 small bullets (0/0/0/0/2 damage, O-Attack sized explosions) every time it hits the ground. They'll fly a little bit further than the explosion. The final explosion releases 5 extra bullets on level 5.

    What this weapons adds to the game? Fun to watch and very good if the whole other team is trapped in a pit. Using this is normal team battles could kill your whole team so only use it if you're sure it will stay on the other side, it can bounce away anytime (it gets extra speed because it goes down like a slammer every time). If you think the addictional lvl5 bullets are too overpowered just ignore them. But to give level 5 a good bonus, the last bounce does 10/12/14/18/24 damage and normal bounces 4/5/6/6/7. I was also thinking about a small earthquake on every bounce but that is way too overpowered and might work even better than a normal earthquake sometimes =P

    Appearance: It looks like a light green bullet with a green tail(?), after the first bounce (second time it hits the ground) the main bullet looks dark green and is slightly smaller. After the last, extra powerful bounce it looks exactly like a normal shot.
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  11. xvio

    xvio Indestructible (11)

    Laser Bomb:
    Fires as a flare.
    Drops a ball on a string down above flare.
    From the ball 10 lasars are fired in seemingly random directions.
    Each laser doing (14/15/15/16/16 damage)

    The flare looks white with a blue smoke trail.
    The ball starts white and will then follow with a iridesent look before then proceeding to release its lasers.

    Another idea is something similar but with using the idea of lightstrike.
    Light bomb? Light show? idk
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  12. mustangcody

    mustangcody Royalty (7)

    Name: The Wreaker.
    Damage: 20 each.
    How it Looks: Its a intresting wep., it looks like a yellowish grayish color and shaped like a spitter and has the same size.
    Details: This wep. its a splitter chain but when hits the ground, they turn into a breaker.
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  13. jensj

    jensj Razor Edge (1)

    Your tank explodes! Deals (20/19/17/16/15) damage to you tank and (50/52/54/56/60) to nearby tanks (artillery-sized explosion)

    kamikastrike (kamikaze + airstrike):
    Shoots a flare, but the shot power is always 0.
    After that it is the same as artillery with (20/22/24/27/32) damage.
    This weapon can't deal more than (40/38/36/34/32) damage to the tank that used this weapon.
    If you don't want any self damage shoot this from the top of a steep hill.

    These weapons are very useful if you only have 1 hp left of when you use a shield.
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    DERPFACE Razor Edge (1)

    Tank shoots a red ball at opponent(like a digger), if you score a direct hit you do 20 dmg then when the red ball goes down on the opponent (like a digger) the second time it creates a pit 1 inch long and 1 inch deep with slanted walls, damaging anything in that raduis 20dmg, then the base of the pit erupts with hellish fury unleashing a red sprouter (does sprouter damage) and then leaves small flames to tic away 2-4 health like a napalm.

    Thats right!(starts sticky size) does 40 damage upon direct hit but if you bounce the mofo off the side wall (aka trick shot) the power and size of this shot goes UP! (increases to moonball size) gains 40 for bouncing off wall, and distance traveled like snipe. (should be unber powerful for such a tricky shot. i'm thinkin 150 or more depending on distance. So 80 if bounced off wall, and then adding power the farther it travels)

    No better way to piss off your oponents that hitting them with this bad boy (works like creek, but it's yellow) it does 50 damage and throws up 2 yellow fountains that do fountainlike damage.

    Similar to boundsplode and doubleboundsplode, with a twist. To start you shoot a boundsplode shot (make it a different coulor tho) and upon contact with any surface it splits into 2 boundsplodes ( they travel in opposite directions, now it behaves EXACTLY like a double boundsplode at this point BUT if the two boundsplodes ever touch each other they set off A nuclear reaction aka NUKE! (so boundsplode and double boundsplode dmg with the possibility of a NUKE)

    WEAPON: SUPERQUAKE (yes suggested before)

    Does 15 more damage than MEGA and creates 5 narrow cracks in the surface
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  15. Mark103

    Mark103 Legend (9)

    Break-Splode Chain
    Shoot a bounsplode, then when it hits the first time, it splits into two smaller bounsplodes, then they each split into two smaller ones (total of 4) then they behave like smaller and a bit weaker bounsplodes until they're gone
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  16. Mprak

    Mprak Razor Edge (1)

    Damage = 1.8 * (power) * |cos(angle)|
    None of the other attributes matter to me.

    DERPFACE Razor Edge (1)

    The infamous deathstar, it is moonball size (and acts the same as MOONBALL in movement (aka that pause n go pause n go) but it shoots 3 green lasers like a CHOPPA when it is stopped mid air, the longer your shot ( the more times it has to pause) the more green lasers it gets to shoot.
    Lasers should do 2 more points of damage than choppa shots and have a small blast radius that creates a small crater upon hit. and does a large radius explosion when it impacts ground (ghostbomb size explosion, and does 35 dmg uppon hit)

    You shoot 7 yellow corn kernells ( with in one second, ) at opponent if you hit opponent they do 8 dmg each (aim is like stream) but if they hit the ground they pop and split into 2 fluffy popcorns that do 4 damage if they hit anything) the "pop" flings the popcorn up and out within and inch and a half of impact point ( they pop and act like asteroids in speed, size, and rotation)

    Supercat has a superior and instaed of MEOW he says NYAN. does 20 damage less than supercat upon impact BUT he thows out a FIREWORKSLIKE SHOT (we will call it rainbowshot)after he dies that acts like 1 bounce . so it goes like this
    FIRE NYANCAT direct hit 60 dmg, rainbowshot erupts like firework and does 6 damage per ball, the balls can bounce 1 time before they blow up.

    Throw these good for you fruits at your opponents (you fire 10 yellow bommerang shots) that do 15 damage each they behave just like boomerang. (unshure how to stagger them in the air, kinda like mac'n cheese)
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  18. PTpiranha

    PTpiranha Smasher (2)

    When you shoot it, it can go through the ground, and when it comes out, it flies out of the ground, with all the momentum and inertia it had when it was underground.
  19. Romans116

    Romans116 Indestructible (11)

    So penetrator....but without shooting off more?
  20. PTpiranha

    PTpiranha Smasher (2)

    I haven't used penetrator before. What I mean is that it will go through the ground with reverse gravity, but then when it goes out of the ground, it is as if it has tunneled through, but with the normal gravity.

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