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  1. cloaca

    cloaca The Last Hope (13)

    Summer/Rain of Fire: A combination of Moon and Napalm.. You fire the sun at an enemy.. where it hangs a little bit in the sky like a moon does, when it hangs in the sky it randomly rains napalm fire down.. then it continues to fly and hit the target you were aiming for..
    Damage: I think the damage of the sun should be the same as the damage from Moon.. And the little rain of fire should start with 2 damage each, and at level 3 it should do 3 damage each, and at level 5, 4 damage each, each fire burns 3 times.
  2. Beerparty

    Beerparty Slammer (3)

    Name: One-Splounce
    Damage 1-5: 24/26/28/30/32
    How it works: Just like a spligger, but with one-bounces.
    Details: IT'S PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    Name: Cake
    Damage 1-5: 40/44/48/52/55
    How it works: Like salt and pepper, but with cake.
    Details: First, a low-damage bottom layer of the cake comes in (6/7/8/9/10 damage). Then, a slightly more powerful frosting (10/12/14/16/18). Last, the sprinkles (24/25/26/27/27).
  3. Tap Water

    Tap Water Tapped. Staff Member

    Weapon: Pixel.
    When it hits, the explosion is square, causing around 40 damage.
    Weapon: Tank Coin.
    Has a 10% chance of randomly showing up in inventory.
    Whoever gets struck by it obtains one Tank Coin.
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  4. DinomanIV

    DinomanIV The Last Hope (13)

    Some top ideas that are Not Mine from my ''Just Weapon Ideas" thread in the dead Kong SSL2 forums and some of my -

    My friend and co-host of thread FlashTom -

    Custing Casts 3 bullets that shoots out like shotgun but then when they hit they have radius of a normal shot and does 0 damage each but they act like a breaker, each broken piece is 15/15/16/17/18 damage. normaly 0 damage if hti directly all the main, if all bullets hit, it’s 90-109
    Divinity This white giant flare when it stops, it causes it to rain white dots from the sky and the underground to surface, 20 bullets coming from underground and 20 coming from heaven, like rain but comes from underground too, the drops are white, each drop is 5/5/6/6/7 damage
    Legend An giant epic flare (whatever colour), when it stops, Sends a storm of brown dots from the heaven that does 1 damage each, 15 brown dots, like rain, then it comes 3 giant bullets from underground that explodes on surface each dealing 5 damage, then it comes the legendary beast that comes from heavens, it sinks very slowly down, if the flare stopped exactly at the tank, the beast will come fly slowly down to the middle of the map, then shoot ALOT and FAST bullets like fast forward, the shoots has radius of stream and don’t affect terrain, he shoots 25 of those (like fastforward) and it will hit exactly where the flare hit, it will be like epic fastforward that wiggles alittle that comes to the tank and each bullet does 100 damage
    Xaar: Shoots a black flare that that calls the almighty lava Xaar that spills fire in a rain radius (30 fire shots) each does 1 damage per second for 3 second he comes slowly down and in middle of map he sprays fire at where the flare disapeared, each fire that he shoots does 1 damage per second for 3 sec (shoots 30 fire shots) the fire that he sprays is more accurate than the fire rain, then after that he explodes to 3 napalms that explodes 3/4 near the surface (Absolute 65+ damage) bullet is ultra cool
    Military Shoots 3 Humanoid-Soldiers that walk until they shoot the tank with 2 bullet each, each bullet is 1 damage and then they walk towards the tank doing kamikaze each that does 2 damage per soldier.
    Then you shoot a tank that rides until it’s close enough to shoot a normal shot on the tank that does 10 damage then the tank explodes for 5 damage where it fired a shot.
    fire a chopper but green colour and much smaller, It fires 4 bullets for ever 3 seconds (shoots max 20 bullets before it runs outa ammo) each bullet is 1 damage, then it explodes where it had an impact for 20 damage.

    His weapons are OP sometimes... But he's my friend still lurking in the Kong Forums...

    First tourney's winner - kratos tito -

    ''SUB-NUKE – This time, Nuke may use underground as Sub-Sniper, Tunneler and others .. the color underground would Blue and White. The damage is equal to Nuke''

    Third tourney's winner - HoboOf97 -

    "Spider: Shoots a black flare. A spider comes down on a thread, shoots white shots, kind of like an O attack but directly down, in the shape of a spider web. These shots would do 10 dmg each. After shooting, the spider (modeled after a black widow) would drop down and do 55 dmg. All these damages would be at lvl 1, respectively.
    Jalapeno: effect: you shoot a pepper and when it hits the ground it explodes and sends out 8 seeds flying which explode and send out shrapnel similar to a tank death (2 or 3 pieces) damage: 5 per explosion and shrapnel
    Habanero: effect: you shoot out a pepper and when it hits the ground it sends out 5 seeds which send out shrapnel similar to tank death (2 or 3 pieces) damage: 10 per explosion and shrapnel would vary, similar to fireworks
    TacoHell: effect sends out a flare where from underneath the ground fly 6 tacos that have the effect of shower, but with colors such as brown green and orange, damage would be 5 each, on the shower.
    Ghost Chilli: This weapon would shoot a white pepper that explodes with a large ghost type radius when it hits, doing 40 dmg. it would shoot 4 pieces of “shrapnel” that act like ghost bombs doing 12 dmg each."

    Fourth tourney's winner - Typemaster -

    "Eye ball - Causes damage of 10-14(like bouncesploud) and bounces five times. Also sheds a blue shot(tear) when made impact on a anything that does 2-6 damage. On the last bounce, the eye makes an explosion with the range of massive shot that does 30-40 damage and sheds 5 red shots(blood) that do 6-12 damage each."

    My new ideas -

    Blasteroid - shoots a flare like Asteroid storm but release a huge, a really huge asteroid crashing down like a shooting star, but more predictably, and it releases six blaze-size flames that do 9/10/11/12/13 damage each, the blasteroid itself does 72/74/76/78/80 damage.


    Anthill - like a bulger but a steeper hill then releases three ants like moles into the air and down (like a trinade). The hill - 32/34/35/36/37 damage, each ant - 30/31/32/33/34 damage, overall does many damage.


    Wedding - shoots a ring with the size of massive shot, a wedding melody sings, the ring explodes, and three pigeons fall like air strike, pooping one shit each. Damage is displayed on the image.


    Hope you liked my post. :) Took an hour...
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  5. aZtec Chief

    aZtec Chief Indestructible (11)


    How it works: close range weapon only reaches as far as aim indicator allows.

    How it looks: when fired it will strike fast and stab any tanks in front of you foe or friendly. the blade would stay out for 2 seconds then retract and if someone tries to fire at you at the same time you use Sword then it acts as Shield or Wall. cuts through ground as well

    Damage: 70, 80, 90, 100, 120

    not the same as "Lancer"
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    WEAPONIDEAS Slammer (3)

    I like that the new weapon pack 5 is coming out, should be some new things we haven't thought of before in there.
    There are so many great ideas out there choosing a few will be difficult.

    I think a weapon called (falling stars) could be a replacement for hail and rain, acts in the same way except the stars do one bounce even if they hit an opponent (so it could do 1 more point of damage per hit than hail) but have potential for double hits. especially good with funnel like landscapes/slants/pits.

    Hot wings was suggested before, same as chicken but flames explode and stick on impact.

    I think a weapon that acts like a sniper shot yet rewards a successful hit on an opponent with 3 ricochet shots that eminate from the impact point in a mild arc outward from opponents tank, these look like big shot and do 1/3 of the damage you caused the opponent.

    I posted before on kong as derpface, and here as weaponideas, I cant be bothered to search up my ideas as they were numerous.

    One weapon that has to be made is LEMONADE, like grenade (or mininades) but with lemons.. not my idea, but I loved the name. Perhaps the lemonades act like mininades except when the lemonades bounce they leave yellow burning juice (yellow flame) that sticks to where it bounced and does tick damage.

    Cnt wait for wep pac 5.
  7. Bencrocker

    Bencrocker Slammer (3)

    5 Suggestions:
    How it looks: Like a snowman, with 2 snow boulders, small stones for mouth (Around 10 altogether) and eyes and a carrot nose.
    How it works: It dismantles at a random point after hitting its peak, Then the parts fly everywhere:
    Snow boulders: These would start off medium sized, but could bounce to a maximum of 4 times to get even bigger. It starts off with 10 damage. Each bounce increases its damage by (level 1-5) 5,6,7,8,10
    Small stones: They work like stone, but are much smaller and can bounce a maximum of 3 times before disappearing. Its damage is 5,6,7,8,10 for each time it hits a tank.
    Carrot: This works like a lightstrike, It goes straight and bounces of walls/ceiling, but its blast radous is the size of a mega shot. Its damage is 20,23,26,28,30

    Name: Bike
    How it looks: Like a two-wheeled bike
    How it works: You shoot it and it goes backwards/forwards to the nearest tank. (Like a roller), before exploding with the blast radius of a normal shot.
    Damage: 40,44,48,52,56

    Name: God's wrath
    How it looks: A white cloud
    How it works: Like a magic shower, you shoot it and it drops things, except instead of shots it shoots lightning below every 3 seconds, and a meteor every 2 seconds.
    Lightning: 16,18,20,22,24
    Meteor: 10,12,14,16,18

    Name: Party
    How it looks: A birthday cake
    How it works: The birthday cake acts as a flare, where it lands a normal pinata falls and explodes with candy, 3 balloons come up from underneath the flare (mega shot blast radius) and birthday cakes rain around the area (Like hail).
    Damage: Pinata candy: 4,5,6,7,8
    Balloons: 20,23,26,29,32
    Cake: 4,5,6,7,8

    Name: Mirror blast
    How it looks: transparent shot
    How it works: it works like a grenade that you shoot, however, where ever you shoot it, it explodes in the area at the other side, as if there was a mirror in the middle and you shoot it one side of the mirror, and it expldoes in that exact place in the other side of the mirror. Its blast radius would be that of a holy grenade.
    Damage: 90,95,100,105,110
  8. cloaca

    cloaca The Last Hope (13)

    So I got this idea. Visualize a map. You got a boundary between air and land. Weapons that go through land normally explode on the boundary of air and land. But what if you made a weapon that doesn't explode on the boundary with air.. But stops and bounces for a little and then explodes. kChamp could make an entire series of weapons with this idea. A builder would become an upside down trap where underground grenades could fall.. Endless possibilities.. This could be a thing for ssl3. Where ssl2 got terrain-creating weapons, ssl3 could get weapons that bounce underground.. Just something that popped up in my mind
  9. caleb7448

    caleb7448 Royalty (7)

    Name: Mine.
    How it looks: like a mine.
    How it works: stays for 5 turns the explodes or, shoot it on the ground, and if any tank drives over it, it blows the size of a mega tunneler.
    Damage: 50,60,70,80,90, and if thrown on tank does 30,35,40,45,50.

    Name: Thief.
    How it looks: Like a money bag with green sparkles shooting out the back.
    How it works: Shoot it at an enemy and it explodes with the size a grenade.then you get a random weapon from that player.you can only get this in a box you can't buy or unlock it.
    Damage: 1weapon, 2weapon, 3weapon, 4weapon, 5weapon.
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  10. GhostKing1239

    GhostKing1239 Indestructible (11)

    Name: Whipped cream
    How it works: Tank goes flying into the air. 3 seconds later you go back down and shoot whipped cream!(Shoots out whip cream for about 5 seconds)
    Damage: Level 1: 10 Level 2: 15 Level 3: 20 Level 4: 35 Level 5:45
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  11. androooooo

    androooooo Razor Edge (1)

    Name: Rocky
    Damage (Level 1 - 5):3,4
    How it looks:You fire a flare.Then a giant boxing glove comes from sky and hits your foe.
    Details: Song 'Eye of the tiger' plays as it falls.
  12. Lew112

    Lew112 Lord (6)

    Weapon name: Gunship

    Details: The player shoots a flare (like the airstrike flare). When it's stopped bouncing, wherever the flare is a helicopter gunship flies in, rapidly shooting many small bullets in a arc of 45 degrees in a certain direction (team based). Then it drops 3 bombs onto the terrain it's directly hovering over. Useful for damaging an entire team, but it must be carefully planned where the flare is deployed because friendly fire is easily done, especially if an enemy has flanked you. Deadly if spammed.

    - 5-10 damage if hit by a bullet
    - 40 damage if hit by one of the bombs.
  13. TheOnlyGod

    TheOnlyGod Moderator Staff Member

    Here is my idea for the prestige 4 weapon. I saw it in a dream...
    Name: Molten Cat
    What it does: shoots like a regular cat, but when it lands high damage flames burst out.
    Damage: would very, but around 160, 170, 180, 190, 200
    concept picture:
  14. cloaca

    cloaca The Last Hope (13)

  15. Mark103

    Mark103 Indestructible (11)

    It's like an earthquake, but the damage increases if earthquake, mega-quake, or another aftershock is used the previous turn.
    Damage: 10/11/12/13/15
    Damage boost per EQ previous turn: 1/2/3/4/5
    Damage boost per MQ previous turn: 4/5/6/8/10
    Damage boost per Aftershock previous turn: 1/1/2/2/3 plus all boosts it came with
    (The damage boost depends on the level of this weapon, not the one that preceded it)

    A small drone that moves ahead like a roller, but moves much further…and it shoots nearby tanks along the way with rapid shots. It will explode if it moves too far or if it runs into a tank.
    Damage per shot: 2/2/3/4/5
    Damage if the drone hits a tank: 55/60/65/70/75

    I don't know what the shot would look like, but if it hits someone, then it does damage without damaging terrain and sends out 3 shockwaves from where it landed that could hit other tanks near it. However, the user heals by half the damage done.
    Damage from shot: 30/40/50/60/75
    Damage per pulse (depends on how close the tank was, but the range is still not too far): 10-2/12-3/15-3/20-4/25-6
  16. Arcturus

    Arcturus Indestructible (11)

    Name: Arc

    Damage (Level 1 - 5): 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.

    How it looks: It should look similar to 'Fortress'; when shot, it'll look like a small grey stone, but it should be followed by a dark-green dotted line rather than a dark-blue one, and instead of two straight walls forming; two curved walls should be formed from both the left and right side of the player, neatly merging into the centre (just above the tank/player).

    Details: This weapon adds a whole new meaning to the word: "trapped". When shot directly at your opponent, it'll explode once above the player, followed by another explosion simultaneously at each side (left and right) 3 times; concealing your opponent under an arc -the only way for the enemy to break free would be to shoot directly through the Arc-. These explosions should be similar to the 'Flower', but the size of each circle-shaped explosion should be larger than that of the 'Flower'; large enough to make it possible for each explosion to hit the enemy when targeted correctly. Each explosion should do 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 damage per explosion/hit.

    I know it's not creative, but it's all I could come up with. Let me know what you guys think about it, you too Shesiressu!:) Oh, and if my suggestion is somewhat successful, feel free to modify the weapon in any way, just as long as it gets created!
    Peace! - Arcturus. :D
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  17. Mark103

    Mark103 Indestructible (11)

    I noticed that Arc is the first 3 letters in your username.

    Shoots a sniper but a dark color & moves fast like laser. If it hits someone, then it deals moderate damage but you get to see 3 of their weapons…and you choose one to take.
    Damage: 40/45/50/55/60

    Acid Shot
    It's like flame but it shoots only 5 pellets that are a lime-green color. It does little damage but it will do more over several turns. The acid effect will disappear if…
    • Earthquake, Mega Quake, or my suggested Aftershock is used by anyone
    • Any water-related weapons hit the affected tank
    • The tank with the effect uses a shield or jetpack
    • The tank moves a specific distance
    Damage per direct hit: 3/3/4/4/5
    Acid damage (per pellet, per turn): 1(+1)/2(+1)/3(+2)/4(+2)/5(+3)
    The damage increases by the (+number) per turn.
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  18. caleb7448

    caleb7448 Royalty (7)

    name: care package
    shoots a dark green shot with green and brown particles shooting out. if you hit, a box falls on you, and collect insides.
    if you miss someone else gets the care package.
    damage: 20,30,35,40,50

    name: drawer
    shoots a bugler looking shot and behind trails a tracer, were ever the shot hits, under the tracer it fills up with ground. anything under the tracer line is hurt and then moved up. for example: if you shoot at 100,98 then there would be a very high spike. sorry of you don't understand.

    name: dipper/big dipper
    shoots a yellow shot and were it land it dips down same with mega dipper, just mega dipper would make a bigger dip. basically opposite of bugler and mega bulger.
    damage:12,15,19,23,25. bigdipper damage:26,30,34,38,40

    hope you enjoy
  19. Mark103

    Mark103 Indestructible (11)

    Shoots 5 mirrors that reflect enemy weapons that hit it. When they hit the ground, they will shatter into pieces, and the shards function like crazy balls. If the mirrors themselves directly hit a tank, then the tank's luck stat decreases by one per hit for the rest of the match.
    Mirror damage: 10/11/12/13/15
    Shard damage (5 per mirror): 3/4/5/6/7

    Shoot a UFO that will stop above the first enemy tank, and picks it up. It will then keep going at the speed it was before. When it lands, it explodes and releases the tank, damaging it. If any shot hits the UFO after it picks up the tank, then it will explode mid-air, and drop the tank directly below it, also damaging it depending on how far it fell. The UFO isn't affected by gravity as much as other weapons.
    Explosion damage:40/45/50/55/60
    Fall damage: 10-50/15-60/20-70/250-80/25-100
  20. sam777

    sam777 Razor Edge (1)

    Name: Mystery Shot
    How it looks: It looks like a question mark.
    Details: It shoots the question mark and does a small amount of damage when it lands. when it explodes it turns into any random weapon that you have unlocked; ranging from your least powerful weapon to your most powerful weapon!
    Damage: 5/7/9/11/13

    Name: Paper Cut
    How it looks: It looks like a piece of lined paper.
    Details: When it gits you it does a medium ammount of damage, but the twist is it does what paper cuts do best... it keeps hurting! it would do a small ammount of damage over a small amount of time. It could do like 6 damage a turn for three turns.
    Damage: 32/34/36/38/40 Lasting damage over a period of three turns: 6/7/8/9/10

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