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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shesiressu, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Mprak

    Mprak Razor Edge (1)

    Damage = 1.8 * (power) * |cos(angle)|
    None of the other attributes matter to me.

    DERPFACE Razor Edge (1)

    The infamous deathstar, it is moonball size (and acts the same as MOONBALL in movement (aka that pause n go pause n go) but it shoots 3 green lasers like a CHOPPA when it is stopped mid air, the longer your shot ( the more times it has to pause) the more green lasers it gets to shoot.
    Lasers should do 2 more points of damage than choppa shots and have a small blast radius that creates a small crater upon hit. and does a large radius explosion when it impacts ground (ghostbomb size explosion, and does 35 dmg uppon hit)

    You shoot 7 yellow corn kernells ( with in one second, ) at opponent if you hit opponent they do 8 dmg each (aim is like stream) but if they hit the ground they pop and split into 2 fluffy popcorns that do 4 damage if they hit anything) the "pop" flings the popcorn up and out within and inch and a half of impact point ( they pop and act like asteroids in speed, size, and rotation)

    Supercat has a superior and instaed of MEOW he says NYAN. does 20 damage less than supercat upon impact BUT he thows out a FIREWORKSLIKE SHOT (we will call it rainbowshot)after he dies that acts like 1 bounce . so it goes like this
    FIRE NYANCAT direct hit 60 dmg, rainbowshot erupts like firework and does 6 damage per ball, the balls can bounce 1 time before they blow up.

    Throw these good for you fruits at your opponents (you fire 10 yellow bommerang shots) that do 15 damage each they behave just like boomerang. (unshure how to stagger them in the air, kinda like mac'n cheese)
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  3. PTpiranha

    PTpiranha Smasher (2)

    When you shoot it, it can go through the ground, and when it comes out, it flies out of the ground, with all the momentum and inertia it had when it was underground.
  4. Romans116

    Romans116 Indestructible (11)

    So penetrator....but without shooting off more?
  5. PTpiranha

    PTpiranha Smasher (2)

    I haven't used penetrator before. What I mean is that it will go through the ground with reverse gravity, but then when it goes out of the ground, it is as if it has tunneled through, but with the normal gravity.
  6. porsche

    porsche Slammer (3)

    Name: Boulder
    Damage: Same as most "Mega" weps do
    How it looks: A mega Stone
    Details: The fact that there was a stone, I thought a Boulder has to be on its way. :)
    Pretty obvious, right?
  7. WildHogs

    WildHogs Indestructible (11)

    How about this?

    Name: Hydrogen Bomb
    Damage: 50/52/54/58/60
    How it looks: Hydrogen Bomb Symbol
    Details: A homing Beacon with radioactive icon will be fired. And like artilery 3 'Mini Nukes' will drop!!

    Guess It will be able to kill people with 200hp in maximum of turn 2!!
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  8. Bobinson the V

    Bobinson the V Slammer (3)

    Name: Disruption
    Damage: Each explosion of this weapon deals 15 at level 1
    How it looks: The initial shot looks like Bulger, but it is the size of Heavy Shot
    Behaviour: Fires an initial shot that, upon impact, behaves like Fortress.
    Then, the shot splits into 2 Wall shots, in a close area. Finally, each Wall shot splits into 3 Bulgers, again which split off in a close area.


    Name: Oasis
    Damage: Palm shots do 15, Fountain shots do 6, all at level one
    How it looks: A green flare, with a blue tail.
    Behaviour: Flare bounces 5 times. It the splits off, similar to Double Breaker, into 2 Fountains and 2 Double Palms.


    Name: Night Sky
    Behaviour: Fires a Moon Ball, 3 Twinklers, and 2 Sparklers. They are fired at a similar angle and power. At the highest point of their trajectories ALL of the shots pause in mid air for one second.
    Damage: Each of the individual shot do their usual damage, except for the Moon Ball, which does 42 at level 1.


    Name: Tricky Supplies
    Behaviour: Fires a flare identical to that of Air Strike. Wherever the flare vanishes, a red supplies box floats down. When it hits the ground, it creates a red explosion the size if a Massive Shot. It also splits into 3 Shots and 2 Heavy Shots.
    The initial box explosion does 10 damage. The Shots and Heavy Shots do their usual damage.


    Name: Full English
    Behaviour: Fires 10 Peas, which look like green Pepper shots, two eggs, one piece of bacon, a sausage, and a tomato, all at the same time at a similar angle and power.
    The peas do 3, and everything else does 13. The peas have a tiny explosion, and everything else has a Heavy Shot sized explosion.


    Name: Turd
    Damage: 50 at level 1
    Behaviour: Fires an honest-to-god turd. It does a Massive Shot sized, brown explosion that does not change terrain.


    Name: Magic Turd
    Behaviour: Shoots a glowing turd. It will explode 3 times in rapid succession in the exact same spot when it hits the ground/tank. The explosions are Massive Shot sized. The first explosion is brown, the 2nd blue, the third brown. The explosions don't change terrain.
    Damage: Each explosion does 20 at level 1.

    (hopefully these aren't too crazy, since I have a lot of ideas.)
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  9. trazzer101

    trazzer101 Royalty (7)

    damage 3 for fire, 50 for dog
    shoots a dog spinning and shooting fire from its mouth, on inpact does 50 damage and the radius of a massive shot (dog colored red)
  10. Bobinson the V

    Bobinson the V Slammer (3)

    Name: Gale
    Behaviour: Shoots a shot that looks like Jetpack particles. It explodes with a ghostlet sized explosion, dealing 38. On the following turn, the wind will be at 15, in a random direction.

    Name: Overgrowth
    Behaviour: Shoots a larger version of Sprouter. When it hits, it will act like Blossom, and shoots two sprouters on either side, in a similar fashion to Breaker. Each Blossom and Sprouter shot does 6.

    Behaviour: Shoots a dark grey shot the size of Sniper. When it hits, it behaves like Blossom. However, each of the shots are actually Ghostlets, and explode in mid-air, dealing 8 damage each.

    Name: Ice Bolt
    Behaviour: Shoots three shots. Each looks like an elongated Hexagon shard. When these shards hit the ground, they explode into 4 tiny shards. Terrain is not changed. Each shard, tiny and normal sized, does 6 damage.

    Name: Family Jewels
    Behaviour: Shoots a safe. When the safe hits, it then functions like a Fountain. 5 Jewels, a ruby, an emerald, a sapphire, an amethyst, and a topaz are flung into the air. When the jewels land, they become different coloured Sparklers (depending on what kind of gem), doing 4 damage each, at level 1. The safe itself does 8 damage, and does a heavy shot sized explosion.
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  11. mustangcody

    mustangcody Royalty (7)

    You do know what Family Jewels mean right?
  12. ceroncar000

    ceroncar000 Peace Maker (14)

    how about a more powerful lightning
  13. Agent60

    Agent60 The End (15)



    Shoots a Lightning flare, but it does 50 damage, with the radius of Rainbow. Does not affect the ground terrain.


    Also, the flare is a darker shade of yellow.
  14. Bobinson the V

    Bobinson the V Slammer (3)

    Heh. I have an overpowered lightning attack planned.

    Name: Thunderstorm
    Behaviour: All enemy tanks are struck with lightning. dealing 13. Then, a large yellow shot is fired. It explodes with a Ghostlet explosion. dealing 15. It also releases 3 lightning flares. These do 18. Also. The tank hit with the explosion CANNOT move on the following turn.
  15. TheOnlyGod

    TheOnlyGod Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm, that might work if it did half of those things. :D
  16. Bobinson the V

    Bobinson the V Slammer (3)

    Maybe, maybe not. That attack is not overly complicated. To make a tank not move, just take away its fuel for a turn.
  17. CHEESE1

    CHEESE1 Prodigy (12)

    Super Chancer
    Same size explosion as chancer.
    Does 2X damage of chancer
    It's probably the same color, maybe gold.
    It's just like chancer... except it isn't.
    When used, it's trajectory is random. Here's how it would work, and good luck hitting something with it:
    It is shot at either double or half the power you selected, and the angle can vary up to 45 degrees in either direction.
  18. Bobinson the V

    Bobinson the V Slammer (3)

    K. Here goes nothing.

    I've made an MASSIVE list of ELEVEN weapons, which I call the Elemental Weapons Pack:

    (FIRE) Firestorm: Shoots a large black shot with a red tail. When it hits the ground, it then behaves like Double-Breaker, and releases 4 "Blaze-Wild Ones". Each "Blaze-Wild One" releases 20 Blaze shots. The Blaze shots do 2 damage, and explode two times each. On the next turn, a supplies box will come down to the shooter of Firestorm, containing Inferno.

    (WATER) Maelstrom (remastered) : Shoots a large grenade that looks like the flare from Asteroid Storm, but with a blue tail. After 5 bounces, it then acts like a short-range Multi-Nade. It releases: 2 Fountains, 2 Waterworks, and 3 Rains. Each drop from Maelstrom does 2 damage. The shooter of Maelstrom receives a supplies box containing river on the next turn.

    (EARTH) Fissure: Fires a shotgun blast of the following: 1 Mega-quake, 5 Diggers, 3 Mega-diggers. Both types of Diggers bounce only twice. Mega-Quake does its usual damage. Digger does only 7, while Mega-Diggers do only 12. On the next turn, a supplies box will come down, containing Spligger.

    (WIND) Hurricane: Fire a large, light grey flare. After 3 bounces, it releases 3 Tornadoes* and 3 stick Lightning flares, in a similar fashion to Fountain. Each Tornado shot does 3, and each Lightning shot does 16. On the next turn, the wind becomes 15, in a random direction. Also, a supplies box containing Gale (see above) comes down.

    (NATURE) Overgrowth (remastered): Fires a larger version of the Sprouter shot which has a Heavy Shot sized explosion, and does 10. Then, it acts both like Breaker and Blossom. Overgrowth releases two Sprouters, in a behaviour identical to Breaker while acting like Blossom. Each Blossom/Sprouter shot does 7 damage. On the next turn, a supplies box containing Flower comes down.

    (LIGHTNING) Thunderstorm (remastered): All enemy tanks are struck with Lightning, which deals 20. Then, a large yellow shot is fired. It explodes with a large white radius, dealing 26. Terrain is not changed. At the same time, all enemy tanks are again struck with Lightning, dealing 20. On the next turn, a supplies box containing Lightning comes down.

    (LIGHT) Heaven's Wrath: A large white grenade is launched, with a golden tail. It bounces 5 times, and then acts like a short-range Multi-Nade. It releases a Shooting Star flare, a Holy Grenade, a Lightning flare, and 2 Sparklers. The Shooting Star does 25, the Holy Grenade does 25, and the Lightning does 20. Sparklers do their usual damage. On the next turn, a supplies box containing LightStrike comes down.

    (DARKNESS) Beyond the Grave: A tiny, black shot is fired. It then behaves like Super-Splitter, branching off into: 5 Ghost Bombs, 3 Phantom Shots, and 2 Lifesteal**. The Ghost Bombs and Phantom Shots all deal 13. The Lifesteals deal 13 and heal 10. On the next turn, a supplies box containing Necromancy*** comes down.

    (ICE) Blizzard: Shoots a medium size white shot with a light blue tail behind it. It then behaves like Super-Breaker. It breaks off into 4 Hail, 1 Comet****, 1 Ice Bolt (see above), and 2 Snowballs. Hail does 3 damage for each individual shot. Comet does 9 with each explosion. Ice Bolt does 4 for each hit. Snowballs do their usual damage. On the next turn, a supplies box containing Hail comes down.

    (POISON) Biohazard: Shoots a shotgun blast of 6 Blobs, 3 Acid Globules*****, and a small Nuke. The Nuke has a Rainbow-sized explosion, and does 45 damage. Blobs do their usual damage. Acid Globules do 15, and then 2. On the next turn, a supplies box containing Acid Globule comes down.

    (METAL) Scrap Heap: Shoots a large dark grey shot with no tail. It then behaves like ChainBreaker, bouncing 4 times. On the first bounce, Magnets is released. Then, Mini-tank. Then, Throwing Star. Then, Tricky Box. All weapons do their usual damage, except for Tricky Box, which deals 24. After Tricky Box is released, the initial grey shot vanished. On the next turn, a supplies box containing Tricky Supplies (see above) is released.

    (JEEZUS. THAT'S IT, for a while. KChamp better take a look at this... For the weapons names with asterisks, I'll do those. Eventually.)
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  19. Bobinson the V

    Bobinson the V Slammer (3)

    *Tornado: Shoots a shot that looks like Ghost Bomb. Then, upon hitting the ground, it flies straight up, like Slammer. BUT. It will then hover, shooting 30 shots that look like jetpack particles, straight down, in a swirling fashion similar to creek or river. Each shot does 3 damage. The, the hovering shot slams downward, dealing 10 in a rainbow sized radius. Terrain isn't changed. The wind becomes 15 on the next turn. (Hopefully, this turns out to actually somewhat resemble a tornado.)

    **Lifesteal: Shoots a red version of Ghost Bomb. It explodes with a Massive Shot sized radius, dealing 20, and healing 34.

    ***Necromancy: Shoots a dead tank. Upon hitting the ground, it explodes with a Massive Shot sized radius, dealing 20. It then splits off into three shots, just like when a normal tank dies. Each of the shots deal 18.

    ****Comet: Fires a large white flare with a blue tail. After 5 bounces, a MASSIVE white shot comes straight down. It then behaves kind of like Driller. However, the first explosion is Massive Shot sized, and progressively gets smaller over 3 more explosions. Unlike Driller, each of the 4 explosions do not happen all at once. Each explosion does 16.

    *****Acid Globule: Fires a glowing version of blob. When it hits the ground, it then functions like Fountain/Floaters. It also explodes with a Massive Shot sized lime explosion, dealing 8. It splits into 15 tiny versions of Acid Globule. Each tiny shot then will explode in a heavy shot sized lime explosion, dealing 8.
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    DERPFACE Razor Edge (1)

    WEAPON: HOTWINGS. (forget ranch,buffalo or extrra crispy)
    These drumsticks behave like chicken-fling (and do the same initial damage) except they are red in coulor and upon impact leave HOT spicy residue (like napalm or flame) that ticks away 3 damage. very powerful shot when concentrated.

    WEAPON: AVALANCHE (get your rocks off)
    A 3 part shot, first a large boulder shoots out dealing 30 damage (creates a large crater), then 3 stones follow (act like stones,do stones damage) and then finaly a barage of pebbles are shot out (look and behave like pepper, although a bit more spread out in shot)

    A yellow roller that when it rolls it actualy passes through enemies ( but does 10 damage when it does so) and has a preset detonation time when it starts to roll, say 3 seconds when it touches down, then it explodes just like Holy grenade.

    A watery grave some might have when getting hit with this weapon. It acts just like rain when shot but with 2x the width (AOE) rain falls as well as hail mixed in and then 3 random lightning strikes within that AOE. so rain mixed with hail and then 3 random lightning strikes .

    WEAPON: SAUSAGE FEST (But isn`t it already one in SSL2)
    Shoots sausages (like chicken-fling) but these sausages can bounce around 3 times doing damage each time (if they hit opponent) they do not affect terrain,
    You shoot 7 sausages that do 10 dmg each (if every sausage hits on every bounce you can do 210 damage (like if opponent was in a pit) gotta treat it carefully though beacase their bounces are like crazybounce and can be unpredictable at times.

    Shoot a planet that looks like 2012 earth ( but it is a different coulor) you must score a direct hit to do most damage it acts like bullseye except it does the damage in reverse and STARTS with the smallest and most powerful radius first then bigger and more weaker radius explosions after, ends with a weak ghostbomb size eplosion at end.... each explosion uses the fart sound made by seagull poop... yes up uranus.

    Shoots 3 small balls (exactly like fiesta) and then the 3 pinatas come down except these pinata dont dissapear right away they have a 3 part shot, they come down to lowest point they expell their first shot , get raised back up half way (on that string)and explode again, then just before leaving the screen expode a final time. (all exposions are randomized like fiesta and pinata) the height differences of each explosions add to the randomness of the effect.

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