trialpay and superrewards

Discussion in 'Topic Graveyard' started by ceroncar000, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. ceroncar000

    ceroncar000 Peace Maker (14)

    why dont they give you the tank coins instantly like for the donwload and install ive done more than 6 and never got them :/
  2. mustangcody

    mustangcody Royalty (7)

    Did you type fake info?
  3. Agent60

    Agent60 The End (15)

    Just because its fake doesn't mean it won't work... :D
    Also, I don't think you need to type in any information for downloads. Unless, you know, it's a huge corporate thing.
  4. ceroncar000

    ceroncar000 Peace Maker (14)

    well y would i type fake info in download -_- you just download it thats all
  5. CHEESE1

    CHEESE1 Prodigy (12)

    Eh, I think it's that you have to actually use the service/whatever it is that you're dowloading... the fine print, you know. Surveys and the like don't have this problem.
  6. TheOnlyGod

    TheOnlyGod Moderator Staff Member

    Ya, on the Big Fish offer you actually have to open the game once before you get the tank coins.
  7. Edo-Looper

    Edo-Looper Viking (4)

    Just send them an email. I sent them 4 and got my tank coins. For more info just ask .-.
  8. ceroncar000

    ceroncar000 Peace Maker (14)

    i did they said theyll check and guess what never got them :/
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