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Penguin's Recent Activity

  1. Penguin replied to the thread Dev Destroyer and other achievements.

    to be honest the change of "dev destroyer" was needed, I remember that i got it by luck when average amount of Players was really low. It was almost impossible doing it before the new update. About weapons xp nerfs: they are fine now,yhea at the...

    May 11, 2017
  2. Penguin liked dnascot's post in the thread item changes.

    Instead of saying the issue is that people get triggered, the problem is how the shield greatly unbalances the game currently. In team death matches, a teammate using a shield passes damage to the other teammate. This disrupts tatics in a toxic...

    Dec 23, 2016
  3. Penguin replied to the thread I want these weapons back!.

    ligths out would be awesome,but I think it will take 987 + 8 years for kyle to animate and code that for steam....... a strong wild one would be cool,that weapon looked great but the dmg was really meh

    Dec 20, 2016
  4. Penguin replied to the thread Fix weapon upgrades!.

    some are kinda impossible to do for kyle,but others like double fire tangent shot and sweeper shock wave are really cool

    Dec 4, 2016
  5. Penguin replied to the thread How much will it take?.

    wow really?That is nice before the new year we will see a new prestige weapon hopefuly

    Nov 21, 2016
  6. Penguin posted a new thread.

    How much will it take?

    hi,i have a couple of questions about SSL. 1: do you know how much weapons still miss to have one for every of the 100 lvls? there are 15 prestiges ones + ??? normal ones. 2: how long is it gonna take?! he does like 2 weapons every month so 15...

    Forum: Questions & Answers

    Nov 20, 2016
  7. Penguin replied to the thread Godray Fix.

    everyone that said "no" probably is a player that got godrays when there was 5 players online..........seriously one of SSL main purposes is to unlock everything and making it impossible for new players isn't really fair............and to be...

    Nov 20, 2016
  8. Penguin liked MeowrPower's post in the thread Godray Fix.

    I always thought it should be an infection type achievement, like beat the Dev or someone who has

    Nov 20, 2016
  9. Penguin replied to the thread New Game changes/ideas.

    this are great suggestions,mostly because they are both very good for gameplay and actually "possible".For example the new bumpers ...... I don't think it's hard for kyle to do that......easy thing to do and great change for gameplay(at least for...

    Nov 17, 2016
  10. Penguin liked RRAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR's post in the thread New Game changes/ideas.

    This thread is to just get my ideas out there and see where they go:) 1) Add new bumpers. Aside from the lines and circles, rebound is sort of stale in that aspect. Add new shapes to spice up the game a bit! 2) Items option. I personally do...

    Nov 17, 2016
  11. Penguin replied to the thread MEGA HACKER.

    well i was surprised cause it's first time I've seen that,i hope people will stop soon cause there is really no point doing this he thinks to be funny :/

    Nov 16, 2016
  12. Penguin liked Blue Phantom's post in the thread MEGA HACKER.

    Probably not AgentFire's 'Tracer" probably the "Gunslinger." You drag it over a tank when the program's overlay is on, and it searches for the shot that takes the least time, hits the most bumpers and gets an X2, if it's on the map. Sounds like...

    Nov 16, 2016
  13. Penguin posted a new thread.


    hi,i got a really good hacker that could do great things even in rebound mode!Please moderators tell Kyle to bann him. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] he took no time to aim that + it used a bug of the circle bumper hard shot for a lvl 71 [ATTACH] like...

    upload_2016-11-16_17-6-19.png upload_2016-11-16_17-6-38.png upload_2016-11-16_17-7-32.png upload_2016-11-16_17-8-28.png upload_2016-11-16_17-10-24.png

    Forum: General Game Talk

    Nov 16, 2016
  14. Penguin replied to the thread Jack o vomit.

    well that means you missed most of changes,that's good for ya if you wanna start again with SSL

    Nov 14, 2016
  15. Penguin liked stark's post in the thread That moment when....

    Forever 1 short club :/ [IMG]

    Nov 13, 2016
  16. Penguin liked PinchyPheo's post in the thread That moment when....

    That moment when you have every weapon unlocked except for those damn God rays.... [IMG]

    Nov 13, 2016
  17. Penguin replied to the thread That moment when....

    that moment when i unlocked almost every weap and the game stops to give me unmaxed ones and when you saw/used more than 5 times every maxed weapon that you have without having seen a single unmaxed you think: is that a way to keep me playing...

    Nov 13, 2016
  18. Penguin replied to the thread Jack o vomit.

    well i dunno how much you've been "out" of ssl,however now lvling up is way faster than before cause: -need less xp to lvl up -many good weapons are at low lvls so you won't need to get lvl 80+ to be strong and gain more xp -even weaps need like...

    Nov 13, 2016
  19. Penguin posted a new thread.

    Jack o vomit

    hi,in case you are curious about what it does here jack o vomit (i'll soon post in this thread ghouls,i m about to lvl up it) [ATTACH] like you can see it is a normal jack that vomit pumpkin pieces that deals 5 to 10 damage depending on...


    Forum: General Game Talk

    Nov 6, 2016
  20. Penguin liked Taylor's post in the thread Unlimited Boxes! Just hold Spacebar!!!.

    Way more important things out there to fix then collecting worthless items ...

    Oct 16, 2016