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5 New Weapons!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by gassug2, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. gassug2

    gassug2 Private E-1 (2) Member

    Feb 26, 2014
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    Yes, as simple as the title is, just 5 more little weapons I had in mind. I thought I should share them with you guys.

    Anyways, instead of wasting all of your valuable time reading this absolutely boring and pointless text that has no point of being here but you still continue to read for some reason, let's get right to the weapons.

    1. Imploding Ball:

    A good 95% of all of the weapons in SSL explode, but we haven't really thought about implosions.

    This special weapon does just that, as it hits an enemy, it will collapse in on itself and then explode afterwards, dealing 35 damage on a normal rate.

    Level 1: 35 dmg

    Level 2: 40 dmg

    Level 3: 45 dmg

    Level 4: 55 dmg

    Level 5: 60 dmg

    Graphics: It looks like a heavy shot but bigger, and its trail color is orange.

    2. Tornado:

    Originally, this was supposed to be a black hole, but since that exists, it was changed to a tornado, it is (somewhat) similar to a black hole (except without space and general relativity). Once shot, a large tornado will be placed at the landing destination, the tornado can suck in any nearby projectiles and scramble them in random places. It stops after about 5 seconds. If used on a player, it will do 5 damage per second, and this rate increases every level.

    Level 1: 5 dps (damage per second [yes, I just made this up])

    Level 2: 10 dps

    Level 3: 15 dps

    Level 4: 20 dps

    Level 5: 25 dps

    Graphics: It is half gray on one side of the circular projectile and white on the other. Its color trail is blue.

    3. Replicating Ball:

    This idea was somewhat borrowed from another game, but not entirely.

    The idea behind this weapon is that once the weapon is shot, it will replicate into another projectile. If one ball is lost, it will replicate again. After 5 seconds, the replication will expire and both balls will destroy themselves and explode. Each ball does 15 damage on a normal level.

    Level 1: 15 dmg

    Level 2: 20 dmg

    Level 3: 30 dmg

    Level 4: 35 dmg

    Level 5: 35 dmg

    Graphics: A simple white ball with a crimson color trail.

    4. Hexafluoride:

    Hexafluoride is a chemical that is less dense than air, because of this, it is drawn towards the ground.

    So, apply that to SSL and you have this weapon. This weapon shoots 3 projectiles that constantly pound towards the ground. They deal 5 damage on a normal level and last for 5 hits.

    Level 1: 5 dph (damage per hit, again, I made this up)

    Level 2: 10 dph

    Level 3: 15 dph

    Level 4: 25 dph

    Level 5: 25 dph

    Graphics: A translucent circle with the letter F in the middle (chemical symbol for Fluorine). White color trail.

    5. Hammers:

    Shoots 5-10 hammers (random, meaning it shoots a different amount ranging from 5-10 each time), they explode on impact and deal 10-20 damage each regardless of level.

    Graphics: A simple hammer graphic.

    Well, that's pretty much for right now, have a good one guys.
  2. MythicalRainbowPumpkins

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