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About clans - Giving them actually a purpose

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by astrofluxy, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. astrofluxy

    astrofluxy Corporal (5) Member

    Jan 6, 2015
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    Now, we have clans. That's about it. Clans don't really have a purpose except being there, so today i want to suggest a few features which could improve clans

    Clan Level and exp
    Currently clans don't really offer something. You can be inside but that's about it. You can't rank up, you can't really fight against other clans and in any other way clans aren't involved. This is an issue that makes clans pretty much useless. So i came up with the idea of a clan leveling and clan EXP-gain, both are connected to each other and unlock features for clans and making your clan better. First of all, what are clan EXP?

    Clan EXP - Every member within the clan receives +10% EXP gain but for the clan EXP-pool, this pool starts off small but raises the more member-slots the clan gets and the more the clan levels up. The maximum clan level in my mind is 10 for now and each rank unlocks +5 Member-Slots and one new feature for the clan. These features can be clan-dedicated weapons, functions such as clan map editor and more. The clan EXP requirements and their unlocks are listed below. You start off with a member slot count of 25 Members, the basic function of a free to join clan or request only and you can gather up to 70 Member slots and more functions!

    Clan level 1 - 0 EXP | Basic capabilities, 25 slots, like clans now
    Clan level 2 - 500 EXP | +5 Member slots + full ability of using the clan ranking
    Clan level 3 - 1000 EXP | +5 Member slots + Being able to give out clan rights + being able to create a clan logo
    Clan level 4 - 2000 EXP | +5 Member slots + Clan dedicated weapon W1 (weapon examples below)
    Clan level 5 - 3500 EXP | +5 Member slots + Ability to create up to 3 clan maps + Item factory
    Clan level 6 - 5500 EXP | +5 Member slots + Ability to create a clan flag (victory flag)
    Clan level 7 - 8000 EXP | +5 Member slots + Ability to participate in clan wars (lots of Gears)
    Clan level 8 - 10500 EXP | +5 Member slots + Clan dedicated weapon W2 + upgrade of clan logo (leader can upload own logo)
    Clan level 9 - 14500 EXP | +5 Member slots + Ability to use the clan dungeon (Yes, dungeon)
    Clan level 10 - 19000 EXP | +5 Member slots + ability to buy more slots with Gears (1 slot = 100 Gears + 10% each additional slot)

    Now as you may noticed there are many features listed, the most important thing for me is the dungeon. But let's just stick with the order.

    The clan ranking
    Once you unlock this feature, your clan can be found in the list of the clans and it's respective ranking. more active and successful clans will achieve a high ranking and can be found in the top 10 ranking which is the highest honor for every good clan out there. The factors for the clan ranking are the following: Total kills, Total deaths, total victories, total loses as well as the total win and lose of the clan war. I decided to not put EXP and clan level inside for giving also weak clans a possibility of gathering some ranking points.

    Clan rights
    We have: Leader, member. That's it. We need more clan rights and i came up with 5 clan rights for the clan, all listed below:

    Leader - Full rights, he can invite, kick, accept/decline applications, manage and change rights as well as changing the clan logo, clan flag and other clan specific options and also has all rights below this rank. MAX 1 player
    Councilor - Can kick, accept/decline applications, can invite people and can change the rights off all members below the councilor ranking. Can change/manage clan maps and also has all rights below this rank. MAX 4 players
    Manager - Can accept/Decline application and can invite people. Can set up clan dungeon matches. MAX 10 players
    High-Rank soldier - Can participate in clan wars and can set up clan dungeon matches. MAX 30 players
    Soldier (member) - Basic member. INFINITE PLAYERS

    Clan logo
    The leader can use the Clan logo editor to create a basic logo with available clan shapes, colors and pictures of tanks, shapes and other. This will be a very basic function and only gives the newer clan an opportunity of using a bit personality. However, once reaching rank 8, the clan leader can upload own clan pictures.

    Clan weapons
    Yes, clan weapons. This is actually an idea i came up with once i thought about how to make clans more interesting in a different way, and here it is: The clan weapons. Clan weapons are rather special weapons every member will receive once they join a clan that unlocked them. Yes, that means you can theoretically join a clan with level 1 and grab 2 good weapons. These weapons are mostly made for "filling the gaps" of the unlocks but they might come in handy. The weapons are:

    Bullet of victory
    Fires a bullet in the color of the background color of the clan logo/flag (if available). The explosion represents the clan flag logo (because custom logos COULD bring up some dirty images) and deals 60 Damage in a large area.

    Strength in numbers
    Fires several head shaped bullets. The damage is 2 but the bullet count is based on the amount of the clan members and can fire up to 50 bullets (everything above would be OP). The explosion size is small and the spread is 3°.

    Clan maps
    Clan maps are made for the clan councilors and the clan leader. This is a map editor that can be used by both high rank members and can be edited the way they want. However, everyone can use these clan maps. Small and simple idea.

    Clan item factory
    The clan item factory is a very special part of the clan as it unlocks a feature to gather shields, teleports and these other items. To make the clan factory work, the clan members need to donate gears, these gears will be used to unlock the items. Basic factory level of an item is level 1 and produces 1 item each 24 hours and can be upgraded to level 4 which creates 1 item each 4 hours. These items are given out to EVERY player, so the more players a clan has, the most efficient does the factory work.

    Item unlock cost: 2000 Gears
    Upgrade 1: 1500 Gears
    Upgrade 2: 3000 Gears
    Upgrade 3: 6000 Gears

    A player can only receive items if he plays for at least 1 hour all 2 days (to prevent offline-Farming)

    The clan flag
    This option unlocks the feature to use the original clan logo as flag. This flag is rather cosmetic and is placed on your tank during a match, in the victory screen and as symbol for a victory in a clan war. Yeah, purely cosmetic but hey, it's a neat idea.

    The clan wars
    The clan wars is a very special feature. After your clan reaches level 7, you can send war requests to other clans. These clans can accept the war and you can join special clan war matches which will randomly place you with 4 participants of your clan and 4 participants of the enemy clan. This will place you in a match where your clan fights for the enemy clan. The victories will be counted up and the clan who achieved the most victories at the end of the war (usually 3, 7 or 14 days), the winning clan will receive 200, 500 and 1000 gears for every member within the clan and will receive much clan ranking points. Additionally, each member receives an EXP boost of 25% equivalent to the duration of the war. The losing clan will receive a domination flag of the enemy clan which shows for the duration of 3, 7 or 14 days the clan flag of the dominated clan.

    The clan dungeon
    The most rewarding part of a clan - the clan dungeon. What is this?

    The clan dungeon is a feature that selects up to 6 players of your own clan (selected by dungeon starters) which fight together in a long row of randomly generated missions. Based on player level and player amount, the participants will face multiple small waves of tanks. The longer a team survives, the higher is the reward.

    What exactly are the missions? Missions can vary - precision amining, a match against X amount of enemy tanks... pretty much what also happens in singleplayer but in multiplayer. Clan dungeon gives you the ability of a fast gear- and EXP-gain. It starts off with x1.5 EXP and 10% Gear drop rate but it raises by x0.1 each round and +2% each round... the further you get, the higher is the ingame- and endreward. This being said, your clan also receives a lot of clan-rank points.
    So far this is everything i worked on. I will add more soon or later depending on the feedback and my time of course. I hope you like the idea of a clan enhancement...

    also: Get rid of aimbot ruler ._.
  2. Awesume

    Awesume Sergeant Major of the Army (14) Member

    Oct 30, 2014
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    This would be pretty cool, I like it. Too bad it won't ever be added as Kyle never listens to the community anymore. Also the max members is 30 not 25 anymore.
  3. Spur Kee

    Spur Kee Private E-1 (2) Member

    Jul 5, 2016
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    If something like this was added then I would start playing again.
  4. Batgirl

    Batgirl Major General (22) Member

    Jan 31, 2013
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    Rulers can't be fixed completely
  5. Crakzeno

    Crakzeno New Born (1) Member

    Oct 30, 2016
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    this needs to be done
  6. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime Corporal (5) Member

    Mar 28, 2016
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    I really like these, but they will probably never be added. :(