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how to get God ray easily .

Discussion in 'General Game Talk' started by Penguin, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Penguin

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    May 11, 2014
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    today i saw another post about someone asking on this forum if a lvl 100 player would lose to them in order to get God ray. Here a guide about how to get that without spamming the same question every time in the forum.

    plz follow all the points i'm going to share with you:

    Patient way:

    1: first of all keep in mind that you will for sure get it before level 85 and this is a FACT,every lvl 80 i know got god ray and be sure that you would too,if you are patient enough this weapon will be yours. You will get it before Weapons like Laser beam(lvl 89 unlock) or jack pot (lvl 95 unlock).

    2: Once you reached lvl 80,max out the tack,barrel gun,and armor upgrade.With all the lvl 80s weapons and this upgrades you will have a strong enough tank to beat one of the 200/250 lvl 100 players that are around.

    3: you will find most of lvl 100 players in rebounds 8 players ffa games with 4,08 xp. To win just go far from the middle of the map,that will make you take less shots from all the other players,then try to play smart and you will get easy to the last 3 tanks alive,then try your best and there are decent chances that you will win the match.

    4: Never ask to a lvl 100 that you just met: "do you have god rays" or "can i have god rays" because that will make this players angry and,even if you managed to win the match,they will leave last minute and you wouldn't get the achivement.

    fast backstab way:

    1: join a game with a lvl 100 in it and try to be friendly with him. Say ns to his nice shots and try to be talkative.
    2: once the game is about to finish friend request him and he would probably agree and you will be friends on steam.
    3: then develop in 3/4 days of game play a nice friend ship with him WITHOUT MENTIONING about god rays,then try to ask him some 1 vs 1 matches and he would probably help you.
    Why he would do that?Cause most of people just ask immediately "do you have god rays"? How can a lvl 100 give god ray to some random dude that just wants to use him like toilet paper?LVL 100 will for sure say "f**k you". If you are one of his friends after some days of gameplay he Will help you cause for him you are not anymore the "random guy that wants to use me"
    4: If he says no about losing on purpose don't leave him,just say ok sorry :) and continue to play normally in his games...... beeing friend of a lvl 100 will make you encounter him often,so you have higher chances to get god rays even if he doesn't want to lose to you.

    that's a mean way to get god rays......It's little bit faster but honestly if you are a lvl 50 it's the only way you have to get that fast,beeing 100% honest with you.

    I would like you to use the 1st metod cause it's honest and it gives more satisfaction since you hard work and use your skills,reaching lvl 80 is not impossible anymore,You can do it!
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