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Looking for a clan

Discussion in 'Player Threads' started by Exostretch, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Exostretch

    Exostretch New Born (1) Member

    May 14, 2016
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    I really like the Shell shock live series, but it can get pretty boring without anyone you know to play with.
    My specs:
    Level 83
    Laid back

    What i am looking for:
    A "Not serious clan" with all these rules and level limits. I always see this hardcore clans with rules like, Level90+, over 2 hours playtime in a week, ONLY THIS CLAN. I don't want any clan with these rules (The irony is that i'm making the rules to not accept the ones with rules)
    I'm not gonna play SSL a whole bunch constantly, so expect me to play on and off.

    Message me in this thread so I can contact you on steam (Leave your username, my username is exostretch)
  2. MythicalRainbowPumpkins

    MythicalRainbowPumpkins Unconfirmed Member

    You should most definitely join the SexyShits if you aint looking for "seriousness". You fit all of the requirements, just apply over on the main thread. We have around 39 members at the moment. When you join you will be provided a signature and will be invited to all of the convos were we discuss killing off all the other clans....

    Here's the link to the clan: http://www.shellshockliveforums.com/threads/sexyshits-clan-ssc.12651/

    username: thonour (im the founder of the clan)

    Thanks and I'll look forward to hearing back from you.
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