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MythicalRainbowPumpkins Clan (MRP)

Discussion in 'Clan Threads' started by MythicalRPumpkin Clan, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. MythicalRPumpkin Clan

    MythicalRPumpkin Clan Unconfirmed Member



    Welcome to the official MythicalRainBowPumpkin Clan thread (yes that's the clans name). Now some people may be familiar with the clan known as 'SexyShits' which was created on the 5th of July 2016, that clan was removed due to us wanting to focus on this clan now and due to the fact that the clan wasnt exactly 'Decent' one could say. This clan will still focus on the three games that the old clan did rocket league, ssl and arma. However this clan will be more focused on rocket league and ssl and also will a bit more harsh on the rule side.

    • No cheating in any of the games (hacking, aimbot/ruler, stacking, log out when in combat (arma))
    • No multi clanning (A new rule, wasn't a rule in the old clan)
    • Be respectful to all members and if you have a problem then don't write a long post about it, just send us a private message and we will see what we can do (joking around is fine)
    • Don't debate about politics or any think like that (Yes, we all know that Donald Trump is an idiot).
    • Stay up to date with the news/update section (giveaways are still thing)
    • Cursing is allowed
    • No spamming
    • No rage quitting (reason needs to be shown)
    • You have to be a level 40+ to be able to join (SSL)
    • If you do not have Shellshock Live then you need to be a Pro on rocket league
    • You need to have Two of the three games (Rocket league, SSL or Arma)
    • Need a steam/forum account (Steam account is required and forum account would be helpful if you had one)
    • Agree to the rules
    • Need to apply down below (instructions on how to layout how to apply will come shortly)

    Tell us if the images look out of place

    *Big thanks to @Black Widow for getting rid of the old clan thread, needed a fresh start and we don't want to be associated with that anymore, that clan was a joke*

    Images/Banners created by thonour

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  2. MythicalRPumpkin Clan

    MythicalRPumpkin Clan Unconfirmed Member

    Member List:
    Coming soon
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  3. MythicalRPumpkin Clan

    MythicalRPumpkin Clan Unconfirmed Member

    How to apply and lay everything out:


    Your Info
    Times active:
    Steam Link:
    Forum Link:
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  4. MythicalRPumpkin Clan

    MythicalRPumpkin Clan Unconfirmed Member

    Giveaways or info/updates
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