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[S] Endless Connection Screen

Discussion in 'Connection Bugs' started by Credipede, Mar 11, 2016.

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  1. Credipede

    Credipede I'm a human, not an insect. Administrator

    Nov 23, 2012
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    Original post by kChamp

    Several players seem to be having trouble getting past the 'Connecting' screen. Unfortunately the problem is not with ShellShock Live itself, but with the Multiplayer framework it's built on (Yahoo Games Network, formerly Player.IO). I'm in contact with the developers at YGN and they are aware of the issue but don't yet have a fix. With that said, I'm determined to get to the bottom of the issue and help them get it fixed.

    I'd like to request some information from those of you experiencing the problem. Please email me at sslsteam<at>shellshocklive.com or reply here with the following info:

    1. Operating System
    2. Internet Service Provider
    3. Are you behind a router, have a firewall running, etc.?
    4. Where are you located? NA, EU, etc.
    5. I've created a connection test program which can be downloaded at www.shellshocklive.com/YGNConnectingTest.zip. Please download, unzip, and run 'YGNConnectingTest.exe". What are the results of the 3 tests?
    6. Are you able to connect to the old Flash-based version of ShellShock Live? (www.shellshocklive2.com)
    7. Any additional info that may be relevant?

    Thanks for your understanding and help and hopefully we'll figure this out soon. I want to get this fixed just as much as you do.
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