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Why All Prestige "Veterans" Big Punks?

Discussion in 'General Game Talk' started by kibbles, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Tavi

    Tavi Sergeant Major (12) Member

    May 7, 2014
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    Veteran players are such nubs, someone should ban them all.
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  2. bombsAwaya

    bombsAwaya Private E-2 (3) Member

    May 16, 2014
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    Im so glad i found this cause i have a few things to say about this. im going to take one line out of your whole statement "they hit their dam target every turn with barely even need to aim" you know that is so right ive been in so many games where I have seen noobs fire shots at max power unaware of the angles and powers it needs to be shot at and then i get complaints of your weapons are so much better than mine. Well yeah they are i got a bunch of tank coins from playing the first game and investing my money into the game so im sorry i got rewarded for my dedication to the game. You noobs waste everything and i mean everything on a freaking box cause you noobs think tank coins are your gateway to becoming as good as us. If you dont like the game your in go CREATE your own, and you change the lvl cap so high lvl players cant join. nobody cares if you pop a shield, what you gunna pop a shield every turn fine ill play a 30 turn game without hitting you once idc that just means you have 30 less shields now so waste your money or time spent earning them. im sick of all you noobs complaining day in and day out when you guys cant even complete a game, yeah i said it. Ask any high lvl player how many thousands of games someone has quit cause things arent going their way, like oh well I used sniper on the first turn and missed im just gunna quit now, or right before the end I cant stand players that do that and you sound like one of them, and any xp you gained well thats gone. you complain cause your not strong enough, your not strong enough cause you quit to much, you quit to much cause you think its a simple game when its not, you guys dont think or use your head when playing this game thats why you think its ok to complain, we have complaints about you noobs to

    I have had 1 player ONE player since ive been back seriously take some time to ask me for some advice so he could get better, 1 out of 500+ thats horribleinstead you noobs come on the forum and complain

    luckily I had someone to teach me how to play because I asked and I was kind about it and he understood I wanted to become a better player and i wasnt some looking to start HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA (yeah thats what this is)

    Thanks to CERONCAR

    I play 1v1 only no stacking, trolling, or aholes you have the choice to play the game when you click ready
  3. Joy

    Joy Corporal (5) Member

    Jan 9, 2015
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  4. RumMumMario

    RumMumMario General of the Army (25) Member

    Nov 23, 2012
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    Well this post isn't making things any better, is it.
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  5. 007

    007 Staff Sergeant (8) Member

    Dec 22, 2013
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    i usually get mad when someone over level 30 or above prestige1 stacks..

    i simply say oh its logical dont move thx... and we begin to cursing at each other.. or

    wonderful man!! thx for not moving, ur the best... or

    i'm so grateful man, thx for the rape!!

    i'm mad with those people.. otherwise i calmly talk to low levels...

    some people wont move back or forth, some try to pass you even if your stats are full and when its your duty to move..

    some wont tell that they are gonna pass you and i begin at giving a piece of mind...

    then i say to them you could type "me >>" or "you <<" etc etc

    and they dont give a fck. on top of that they curse at you and we go at it again!!!

    i told back in the day that we need some little hints&tips at some menus or transition screens....

    not everyone knows the shortcut for the team chat..

    well i must add 2 things more.

    1- its no one's business if i pay to damage more and increase my chances to win...
    the 1st purpose of this game is to make money for the kyle, so there shouldnt be any objections o whining for those perks..

    2- i was using shields when i was prestige 1 or 2. after some while i decided to not to use!
    if you are playing with carefree people i guess its not a problem but if you are playing with veterans its natural.. after 2-3 times i give up on using shields..

    i'm ok with suicide but players shouldn't use shield, you will f me up and wont take any damage with stacking, thats low!!

    some players stacking, using shield, shooting seagull or firestorm... now what t f is this?
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2015