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Area of impact bug?

Discussion in 'Graphic Bugs' started by RRAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR, Sep 26, 2016.


    RRAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR New Born (1) Member

    Sep 26, 2016
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    Since yesterday (and in the past), I have noticed weapons doing damage when a player is close by, but not actually in the "damaging aoi". Up until yesterday, I haven't had much issues. Now things are getting out of hand.

    1) Weapons that create new land, such as volcano, eruption, and the bulgers. Very oddly enough, you can be on the very edge of the attack, be elevated 1 pixel and still get get hit. Then in another game, two people on either side got "hit", but it did not give them damage.

    2) Partition and Division. This should be well known for its damaging radius surpasses its animation. A player can be a few tank-links out and still get hit.

    3) Bumpers. Though not a weapon, I have seen issues, in rebound, of weapons passing right through the very edges (on straight ones) and grazing a circle (with the tracer actually showing the line in the bumper).

    4) Other weapons doing damage just outside their radius. I just had two chicken wings fall on either side of my tank. While I was not in the damaging radius, I still took damage.

    All these bugs have really been annoying to deal with, physics in the game included (how half the time, it makes no sense). I feel like a huge change should make do with these bugs. Here are my ideas to change:

    1) Absolute damage area of impact. For weapons that hit head on, the circle should appear. If the player is in it, it does damage. Anything out side should not.

    2) Change animations. Mostly for partition and division and similar weapons, make sure the animation and AOI are on the same page. Nothing outside the animation should do damage, or what is the point of the animation if it doesn't match the radius of damage?

    3) Larger weapons: their projectile should match the impact on bumpers. If have noticed weapons, like chunklet, to have a small bumper-impact spot. Half of the projectile will just go through the bumper until the core hits. Increase the size of the impact radius on these weapons. Like I have said before, the animation should match how a weapon acts. A wrecking ball does not do damage to a building if the core hits, but rather the ball itself.

    Thanks for reading my "complaint". I truly love Shellshock because of similar game in the past. I hope changes similar to what I stated will be implemented. If something I have stated has a viable reason, let me know. This is my first post and have not read any other threads. Thanks!
  2. Awesume

    Awesume Sergeant Major of the Army (14) Member

    Oct 30, 2014
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    This isn't a bug, just the way the game works...well maybe the bumper, depends on the wep you were using, in the air the hit boxes on weps are not all the same. imo take advantage of this, say there was a guy inside a bumper, you don't have anything to hit him, but wait you have division, you land it just outside the bumper and you hit him...gg.