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Skill Rating Problems...

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LazR, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. LazR

    LazR New Born (1) Member

    Dec 8, 2016
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    One of the biggest problems/something that could be improved on in SSL during early access is the Skill Rating or ELO system implemented in.

    Right now the SR system is to show you how good you are at the game..... And thats it.

    • -The many problems with the system are that someone with a high SR - let's just say 3,000 - is able to join anyone's game and just tank easy players to ''farm'' SR (if that person is within 20 levels of another). But there is a SR cap in the game at 5,000 SR and when you hit that you get reset to the original start of 1,200 SR... Just think about that... That's would be like in CS:GO when someone hits 'Global Elite' it would reset them to 'Unranked' or 'Silver 1'.

    • -Earning SR is a static, not dynamic. Yes it matters what game mode you are playing as well as how many players are in your game. But lets just say if you are playing with someone that has 1,000 more SR than you in a 1v1 TDM and then play a game with someone with 1,000 less than you, you would earn and lose the same amount.

    • -If someone really wanted to they could get 7 players together and just farm SR until they hit 4,999 SR

    Two ways to fix this..

    1. Remove SR all together. Since it does not accurately track or compare you to other players.

    2. Change the 'Max Level Difference' to 'Max SR Difference' or have them both in as well when creating games. This would allow players of close skill level to be accurately matched up against each other instead of letting someone with 2,000 more SR than another join a game in which they are the same level. This combined with removing the 5,000 SR cap would make playing SSL more fun and the SR system actually work. The only problem with this is there may not be as many players on SSL to allow for players to add level differences to SR as well as level at this time. This could be changed/implicated when SSL comes out of Steam Early Access later on.

    (This is more of bullet points and informal)

  2. faaarkwit

    faaarkwit Staff Sergeant (8) Member

    Dec 28, 2014
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    This would require everyone's ELO to be reset. Right now it tells you little to nothing of someone's real skills.

    Imho it's quite useless feature altogether.
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