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SSL fun episodes

Discussion in 'Talk Area' started by Penguin, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Penguin

    Penguin Major (18) Member

    May 11, 2014
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    well even if i have no screen shot in a rebound game someone had a 95 spazzer hit 3 tanks,the cool thing is that there was a x2 really close to this 3 tanks that the spaz have missed for a few cm,the spaz wasn't even crit.

    Karma lessons: in another rebound game someone shot to a box directly without even trying to do dmg,the box only had 10 armor points inside.....then someone typed "worth it?",in the same turn this guy used payload dealing 10 dmg with the main part and did 60 dmg to itself with the middle drop shot,you probably understand that the other tank that took the box typed "worth it?". that was awesome karma lessons because the armor value and the dmg dealt were the exact same number.It endend with a rage quit lol

    mad thing: i was in a charge 8 players ffa all shot game,i had scavangers and a x2.....already a lucky situation :D i aimed for a tank that was in the other part of the map to do the max dmg as possible since scavangers is distance based weapon....I land that shot perfectly and with big surprise i notice i did 950 dmg!I was like how the F*** is this possible?then i realized that another tank during the shot hit a teleport box and teleported him to the tank i aimed for,doing a perfect stack,since it was a charge game tanks after Getting MAD SUPER HIGH CRAZY HEAVY dmg didn't die,my KW blue bar was like 800/600 kw probably overcharging the tank and probably could have crushed the game......
    It is not the highest dmg ever made in SSL since there are stack games and crit mega nukes,but at least i think it was the strongest scavanger dmg ever